Powerful Editor
The "Your World" editor allows both beginner and advanced players to easily create beautiful worlds. Players can publish their worlds for the community to enjoy in a fun and fully interactive multiplayer social environment!
Bring your wildest imaginations to life in Your World using the world-renown Unreal Engine 4. Everything you see inside of Your World is user-created and marketed by people just like you!
Browse through an vast catalogue of free and premium user-created worlds and experience the excitement first-hand! Play games, compete, socialize. Experience Your World the way YOU want!
-- Features --
Intuitive and easy to use editor: The "Your World" editor allows both beginner and advanced sandbox players to easily create beautiful worlds.

Unreal Blueprint Integration: Using our simple point and click construction process, Unreal blueprints can be added to any world. Blueprints may contain complex scenery, particles, effects, or custom functionality like vehicles or gameplay events.

Voxel Terrain Generator: Unlike 2D landscapes that allow changes to elevation data only, "Your World's" voxel terrain allow 3D terrain editing and sculpting. This allows players to create landscapes which can be carved in all 3 dimensions, creating cliffs, caverns, tunnels, overhangs, etc.

Terrain Painting: Players can further customize their terrains by painting paths through editable brush sizes.

Custom asset selection: The "Your World" launcher allows players to assemble a custom pallet of Materials, Scenery, and Foliage in a custom environment. Players are no longer bound to specific asset libraries but can easily mix and match assets to match their specific design goals.
Easy, powerful, and unique path system: Players can build complex path systems using a simple click and drag path construction scheme. Our advanced and unique path tools include:

1) Automatic intersection clipping

2) Curved paths with adjustable splines curves.

3) Straight paths with smooth curved transitions

4) Adjustable path width with smooth blends

5) Innovative path stencil fill tool.

6) Steam roller drivable path creation tool

7) Spline based path inlay decorative elements

8) Automatic creation and placement of path objects (trees, street lamps, etc)
Foliage painting: Quickly fill your world with vegetation using our easy to use foliage painting tools. Whether you are placing a single tree, or painting a vast array of trees with a single brush stroke, adding foliage to your scene is a breeze.

Theme Park Studio plugin: Theme Park Studio roller coasters and flat rides can be added with a single click and are fully ride-able, offering a nail biting experience.

Drive your path: Our unique on the fly construction tools allow players to drive a construction vehicle and easily create paths, go kart tracks, and ride tracks in a fun interactive experience.

Fully networked worlds with social atmosphere: Open your world to the community, play interactive games with friends, socialize using our in-game chat tools, acquire feedback from the community, and compete for leaderboard status.

Targets most age groups: Easy to use tools, cutting edge graphics, and fun gameplay will appeal to a wide target audience. Teens/Adults will enjoy the advanced tools and fun gameplay, while younger crowds will be able to create stunning worlds through simple painting and drag N drop editing.